TinyUrl or Shrinkster

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I know, its on everyone's lips!!

If you don't know what www.tinyurl.com or www.shrinkster.com are, they take long URL's and shrink them down into a more memorable/manageable length.  It's perfect for things like Twitter where character count is important.

Something you may not know, Carl Franklin of .NetRocks stardom runs Shrinkster.  It did go down and he decided to take it on...

To choose between the two is a matter of choice, but I personally like Shrinkster and here's why:

1. Tinyurl's, tiny url's are infact not that tiny anymore... http://www.steveclements.net/archive/2008/03/13/run-fat-boy-run.aspx is shrank down to http://tinyurl.com/37kc76 which isn't so easy to remember.  Shrinkster takes it down to http://shrinkster.com/vxl - only a matter of time I guess before Shrinkster has so many links, 3 characters are not enough, but for now...make hay!

2. TinyUrl's site is full of crap and ad's all over the place, far too cluttered. Shrinkster is nice and clean, a text box and a "Shrink It!" button!


3. Shrinkster has a some nice Track functionality, as you would imagine you can track how many times your Shrinkster link has been hit....


4. Shrinkster has the verb, Shrinksterise !! - "Shrinkterise it" !! where as "Tinyurlerise it"!! I think NOT!  If more get behind it, then a new word to follow "Google it" could be on the way to the Oxford Dictionary!

That comprehensive list of both functional and logical reasons are without a doubt enough to make http://shrinkster.com the URL shrinking service of choice!!! ;-) Perhaps I have too much free time this morning and should find something more productive to think about!

Something for both to think about, as mentioned somewhere before by, I think Scott Hanselman, how long before the Internet is full on link rot!!??

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