SkyDrive, Google Docs access through Explorer

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I am both a Google docs and Windows SkyDrive user, one thing however that I am always thought would help, especially with SkyDrive, as its essentially a backup tool for me is being able to access through Windows explorer (or FTP would suffice!).

Well I have found a little app that does just that!!

It’s from Gladinet and the catch line is “Delivering cloud services to your desktop and operating system”, it does connect to other things like Azure blob store and Amazon.

You can download a free version and the only restriction seems to be a limit of 1000 files per job.

I would recommend you give it a go, its not the quickest thing in the world to navigate around, but for me the main purpose is for backup.  It does have a built in backup tool, which I am yet to explore, as I’m a SyncBack user I’m going to setup a SyncBack job and see how it gets on!

You can just use explorer and drag and drop files in, it uploads in the background in groups of 5 files.  That’s ok for the odd file I guess, but automation is the way forward for me!


Another job sorted!

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