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My first trip to the new Wembley stadium was to watch the Foo Fighters gig on Saturday night, who as far as I am concerned are the best band on the planet right now. They did well to beat Oasis to that accolade, but heh, Oasis haven't done anything for quite a while now!! For those that don't know Wembley is a 90K seater stadium in London and the Foo's sold out in about 15 mins back in December, typical to big show form they promptly announced a second night (which was Friday), and that promptly sold out :)

The show was pretty awesome, I was quite a way back in the stands, but was directly in front of the stage so had a pretty good view. I don't have a great camera or indeed an eye for a good shot, but here are a couple of photo's.

Led Zeppelin came on at the end to play Rock and Roll and Ramble On, Dave Grohl declared it as the best day of his life, I had fun, but not that much!

The Carlsberg one was taken by the missus, a birthday present idea perhaps! ;-)




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