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I mentioned a while back that I had something I was working on that involved a change in language, actually a pretty radical change. I have been working on vocational project written in and made heavy use of LINQ to SQL. I wasn't sure of LINQ to SQL for anything else other than RAD and to be honest I'm still not. Anyway, I'm not getting into that debate. Needless to say I went all the way and don't use a single sproc in this project.

Some of you will know I play cricket every Saturday for a local club (nothing special, just for fun!), well for a couple of years I have been thinking of putting a website together for the club, just never got round to it. However the other day I was looking at the starter kits on the website and came across The ClubSite v2.0, also hosted on codeplex, basically this is built on top of the original ClubSite, it adds functionality and has layered the code. Problem is, its American and the statistics part of the site relates in no way to cricket, which is a pretty statistics intensive sport.

I decided to write the cricket stats engine (that sounds fancy!), and take the opportunity to write some real code in and LINQ to SQL. I have pretty much completed this project on my train journey to and from work, which is about 40 mins each way. Working on it not every day, but most for the past month.

The original ClubSite makes use of submodal for its AJAX functionality and some modal popups, I am not really a fan of these and found them to work erratically so have replaced a few and plan to do the rest, using the AJAX control toolkit modal popup. I have also added update panels to make the UI some what slicker! I code is in no way of a work of art, that's not really been the point of the exercise.

I haven't finished the project, apart from very limited testing, I plan on using silverlight (to tick another "must learn more about" box) to create some pie charts etc to better represent the data. I have actually found some open source examples i intend to download soon.

I appreciate that cricket is a pretty captive audience and cricket playing geeks are no doubt even less, but hopefully I will get some downloads and help if finding bugs and enhancing the project. I have actually only found 1 other site that does cricket statistics and that is a national site and every club has a sub-site within the main site. Far to restrictive for my liking.

Go and check the project out here: Cricket Club Starter Kit

It's also worth mentioning that I haven't changed any of the original ClubSite v2.0 code, I have simply added on to it, mainly because I don't to miss out on anything that gets released/fixed with that project. Apart from perhaps a link of two in the menu to point to my new CricketStats folder and the graphic from a football (soccer ball) to a cricket related image. I haven't even fixed bugs that I have come across, that isn't the point of this project. On Codeplex I have checked all the code in, including scripts to create the schema in the db, but not all my test data (yet). I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about it, it might be better to simply check in the new code and some scripts to incorporate it in into the clubsite v2.0. That might over complicate the whole development process though.

A Few screen shots to give you a flavour!

Games in season overview - (Default.aspx)


Game Statistics


Team Statistics for the season


Player Statistics by season





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