SharePoint App “Fast People Search”

Tags: SharePoint 2013, Apps, Perspicuity

The requirement came up for us as a company to get a little app into the App Store.

As a consultancy we generally work on projects for specific clients, as such there isn’t a great deal of scope to work on apps for general release.

As we needed to get something up there we rooted around some POC projects that we’ve worked on in the past and selected the one closest to completion.

This is a SharePoint hosted app, making use of the SharePoint REST API.  Using jQuery and Knockout.js for some MVVM binding.

This app is targeted at being used as an App Part.  Giving the ability to perform a quick people search without leaving the current page.

Whilst you can configure the fields to search inside the app part properties, as well as the max number of results to return.  If you want full blown search, you’re best of going to the search centre.  But that is not the use case for this app.

Take a look at the app here, it’s free of course!

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